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Soul Tribe Europa is for women who KNOW they were meant for more. This unique community in Europe is for women who CRAVE life on their own terms and the tools and support to become the CREATOR of their dream LIFE.


Our Story:

After unknowingly sharing a common dream and vision, Soul Tribe Europa came to be in a pretty unique way when Daniela and Alba met at a conference in Dubai. “We both knew our mission was to help and empower European women to transform their own lives, and we knew intuitively that the European market was looking for the type of transformational coaching we could offer” Even though we did not have access to huge funds, we decided to jump straight in, and transform our lives and many others by following this dream.

We continued to connect online on an almost daily basis and build this startup business together from completely opposite sides of the globe, never once meeting in person since we met in Dubai! This shows the power of a dream followed with unwavering faith and commitment.

“Soul Tribe Europa is about showing women how to create success in all areas of their lives. We know that most people have at least one area of their life that is below their satisfaction levels. Whether you want to change your career, lifestyle, confidence, love life, or to reawaken your creativity and passions, we believe women can in fact have it all and live a whole and fulfilling life when they decide to”

“Many times in life we struggle because of ‘glitches,’ when our inner world is not in the right place to allow us to have success, joy and happiness in certain areas of our lives. With guidance and tools, we help women to re-programme their subconscious beliefs, heal their past and manifest their desired life in all areas. Success is not only possible but inevitable when women follow our programme. Our 60 day life transformation course was just the first step for Soul Tribe Europa. Our dream is to become the Netflix of coaching, where women can access the most powerful resources to grow and develop and improve their lives dramatically, both online and in person”

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